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Girand Singh Memorial Degree College, nestled in the serene and verdant surroundings of Pilakpur Shyoram (Dilari) in Moradabad, represents the perfect blend of modern education and a tranquil rural environment.

Girand Singh Memorial Degree College

A Hub of Excellence in Rural Moradabad

The college has evolved significantly, providing students with an ideal setting for academic and personal growth.College boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure that aligns with eco-friendly principles. The buildings are designed to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, ensuring a clean and green campus. Classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated, creating a comfortable learning environment for students. This thoughtful design enhances students' ability to focus and engage actively in their studies.

A highlight of Girand Singh Memorial Degree College is its well-equipped science laboratories. The departments of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Home Science, and Psychology are outfitted with the latest apparatus and tools. These facilities enable students to learn through experimentation and hands-on research, fostering a deep understanding of scientific principles. The Guidance and Counseling Cell is another valuable resource, providing students with modern tools and support to navigate their academic and personal challenges effectively.

Physical education is given significant importance at Girand Singh Memorial Degree College. The campus includes a large playground that accommodates a variety of sports and physical activities. This facility not only promotes physical health but also encourages teamwork, discipline, and a spirit of sportsmanship among students.

Girand Singh Memorial Degree College offers a comprehensive educational experience in a peaceful environment. With its modern infrastructure, advanced scientific laboratories, thriving art department, and extensive sports facilities, the college provides an enriching environment for holistic student development. This unique combination of resources and environment ensures that students can excel academically while developing important life skills and values.